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Women’s Health and menopause have been connected since the beginning of time. As hormone levels decrease in women, menopause starts. At this point the woman can no longer be fertilized. Women’s Health and Menopause studies have shown a correlation between the decrease in hormones that occurs during menopause and physical and emotional symptoms such as mood swings, insomnia, hot or cold flashes and the list goes on. Women’s Health and menopause research has also shown that the symptoms of menopause can be decreased by hormone treatments. Before starting any treatment however simple, it is important to consult your doctor about the health risks associated with women’s health and menopause.

Links between Women's Health and Menopause
Women enter the menopausal stage at about 40-45 years of age. This period can stretch over a horrendous ten-year phase where they will experience some type of other symptoms that are the direct outcome of menopause. Most of these symptoms are extremely stressful, both mentally and physically. Some of the most common signs that herald the onset of menopause are hot flashes, extreme mood swings from euphoria to suicidal depression, irritability, lack of appetite or voracious appetite, lack of sleep or a feeling of continuous fatigue and so on.

Environmental Effects Women's Health and Menopause
Look at the symptoms I enumerated just a while earlier. Now, add to that two school going kids who need food on time, clothes cleaned and ironed, help with the homework and a lot of love from you. Then think of the boss (or perhaps you are the boss) and about the responsibility you have to the company, and so on. How would you handle these additional responsibilities on the top of the menopause symptoms? What is meant by women’s health and menopause?

It is not humanely possible to keep calm and be efficient at the same time while you are going through such physical problems. The necessity to do so however increases the stress levels to a new high. All these, coupled with the fact that nobody is getting younger anymore, cause and trigger a good deal of diseases. In this way, you can very well see the connection between women’s health and menopause.

Generally speaking women tend to neglect their health. Thankfully nature made women much stronger in spirit and mind. However, they are at their highest vulnerability point when they reach menopause. This is a time which is similar to teenage times, the difference being that at that time, they have a great plus point: their youth. Teenagers look forward to being young and beautiful, successful.

In the case of middle-aged women (45 years plus) one would need a bit less tension and feeling of inadequacy. It is true that women’s health and menopause are closely tied up with each other, because menopause brings along with it hormonal imbalances which in turn cause a lot peculiar symptoms and feelings and owing to the hormonal imbalance a great number of diseases develop. If these diseases progress in the body without being discovered, then you can expect some bad sickness and even death.

The linkage between women’s health and menopause is clear. A woman going through menopause should know that a woman can stay healthy for a long time if she learns to relax and takes herself and her needs seriously.

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