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Women’s Health care Associates travel between rural and impoverished villages and countries to help the women of that society. A Women’s Health Care Associate cares for he women around her and educated them of proper nutrition, the values of diet and exercise and many other things. A Women’s health Care associate also is an important part o the community, being looked to for guidance by so many women in that society. The Education of women is another important role of a women’s health care associate. Whether they are teaching women how to recognize the symptoms of common illnesses in that area or how to best balance a meal, a Women’s health care associate is doing all she can to help the women in that rural area.

Who is a Women's Health Care Associate?
There are many places where women are not the ‘first’ priority even in their own lives. These women spend their lives ensuring that others are taken care of and they derive their pleasure from the satisfaction they give their near and dear ones. It is inbuilt in a woman’s psyche to be kind, to be forgiving, to be worried about the health of others, while totally ignoring your own.

Many Women need a Women's Health Care Associate
It comes to who is promoting whom. In certain areas, such as rural places and other marginalized areas, women live in total neglect and shocking apathy. The reason is that they would rather provide their children that eat themselves. Since food is scarce, mothers would always have to do something to about it. Here the target audience would be mostly women; the women’s health care associates would need to be educated about the importance of diet, exercise, vitamins, minerals and a lot of other things.

In rural villages and other such hostile places, it becomes to a great task to stay in touch with medical facilities. There is a great deal of grief and sickness in these areas because of poor eating habits and poor hand hygiene. The women’s health care associates are used to educate the women on what to do to avoid and prevent heart attacks, uterine problems, infertility, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer, etc.

Women’s health care associates fulfill another very important role in the rural areas. They help women organize and form SHGs (self-help groups) with some 13-20 women per group, so that they can sell better rural products better and then use the profit for their own economic development. This is an additional role for the women’s health care associate and this depends on the ground reality before being implemented.

The countryside will always offer you a challenging environment; this will require a lot of work, a lot of motivation and among many other things a great deal of determination to better the lot of other people who are less fortunate. The women’s health care associate in this context becomes an advisor, a marketing consultant and a friend, too.

The intervention and selfless volunteerism of women’s health care associates has proved time and again invaluable to all concerned. Through their efforts, women in extreme rural areas have learned about vaccines, about proper diet, about proper hygiene and medical care, and so on. All this in a nutshell shows that there are people who care and want to help.

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