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A Women’s Health magazine can be very informative in matters relating to all women young and old. From adolescence to adulthood there is always something new to be learned about our bodies. In this article a young girl learns from her mother’s women’s health magazine about the miracle called masturbation. The knowledge of this common women’s exercise is then spread to her friends. This goes to show how one Women’s Health Magazine can reach many people in a variety of ways. It is also important, however, for parents to talk to their children: A Women’s Health Magazine should not be the only information an adolescent gets.

Finding a Women's Health Magazine with the Right knowledge
I was about 15 years old when I first learned about masturbation. I was always curious about my bodily functions and sex, but I was also extremely shy to ask my mom or grandmother about it. My friends and I discussed these topics a lot (I think they were the only topics at that time) but none of us were really experts. Nonetheless, we all pooled out knowledge together, but we got nowhere.

Interesting Facts are Often Found in Women's Health Magazines
There were so many questions floating in my mind, when I found by chance my mom’s women’s health magazine. Leafing through it I got a glimpse of a lot of “the right type of information” and so I sat down to read it. I still remember the relief I felt when I read that masturbation is normal and that all girls and boys did so around my age. I was feeling extremely depressed regarding this fact. My friends were also worried about this, to tell you the truth.

I shared the women’s health magazine with my friends, and from then on we read it every week. The routine would be to wait for a week, time within which mom reads the magazine back to back. By the second week, no one wants to know where the magazine is. This is the time when we used to take the magazine and enjoy the information given therein.

There is a wealth of information in most of women’s health magazines and it is wonderful to have it at your fingertips. By the way of fingertips, in this computer-age, you will be happy to know that there are a great number of electronic women’s health magazines on the Internet itself.

Information is power. It is always good to know the answer when the question pops up in your mind. This is why it is good that parents maintain a very open and friendly way of conversing and communicating. This is important because no women’s health magazine can ever provide the caring guidance a parent can offer.

A good tip regarding find the right women’s health magazine: chose those health magazines, which give in depth information about women concerns and diseases. Remember, ‘ailment’ term is not always attached to those who have a sick body. There are a million of other deviations, including the fact that as the women approaches their menopause, women almost loose control over their body. The symptoms of menopause can be terrifying if you are not prepared for it. It is in situations like this that books and magazines are indeed a great help!

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