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It is common knowledge that an increase in knowledge leads to an increase in life quality. Women’s Health Research institutes make new, life-changing breakthroughs everyday. While different institutes may focus on different aspects of women’s health research, there is a common goal: improve the daily lives of the general public through information and awareness. This awareness can only be brought about by new research, being done daily by women’s health research programs. The more information that is known about a particular health issue, the more information can be made available to the public. As women’s health research increases and improves, so will the lives of the every day American.

Women's Health Research: a Variety of Organizations for a Variety of Health Issues.
There are very many different institutes and organizations that have taken women’s health research as their mission and conduct research on various aspects regarding the health of women. The aim of most, if not all of these women’s health research institutes and organizations is to focus and promote as well as stimulate and also support efforts to improve the health of women through conduction of research projects that deal with various aspects of women’s health.

Providing better Treatment and Intervention Methods through Women's Health Research
The Society for Women’s health research is America’s only organization that does not work on the profit principle and its mission is to achieve better the health of all women by means of better research, education and advocacy. The Society for Women’s health research undertakes research into what are the sex differences between men and women’s that can help to prevent, diagnose as well as treat different diseases. There is indeed a strong case for researching women’s health to understand the unique circumstances that affect their health needs and it is also vital that women take part in these research studies, by acting as volunteers.

There is also The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) which is the home of a lot of America’s leading science that is concerned with studying women’s health, gynecological health, pregnancy, childbirth as well as women’s health research. This Institute researches women’s overall and gynecological health and studies subjects such as menstruation, urinary tract health, physical growth as well as maturity, contraception and also behaviors relating to family planning. Women’s health research on pregnancy and birth is also concerned with the study of subjects such as prenatal cure, miscarriage and stillbirth, disorders in pregnancy as well as preterm labor and also premature births.

NICHD is also concerned with researching problems that occur mostly or only in females like vulvodynia, vaginitis, pelvic floor disorders, uterine fibroids and disorders that deal with infertility. In addition, women’s health research is also concerned with the special needs and health concerns of women having HIV/AIDS and studies are undertaken in subjects such as prevention of transmission, pediatric HIV/AIDS, vaccine development as well as therapies and interventions that could help understand these severe conditions.

As far as getting better treatment and interventions, the Institute conducts research on a war footing and this includes women’s health research on antibiotics, pain medication, treatment of hormones as well as therapies and also minor or less-invasive surgical procedures. Research leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to better health techniques.

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