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According to a recent women’s health study, hormone imbalances are quite prevalent in women, with most experiencing an imbalance by the age of 20. The rate of hormone imbalances generally increases with age according to a women’s health study. Researchers conducting this womens health study found that there are many symptoms that indicate a hormone imbalance such as headaches, low sex drive, water retention, premature aging and more. As far as treatment of hormonal imbalances is concerned the women’s health study suggests consulting your doctor before deciding between natural or prescription treatment methods. Overall the women’s health study emphasizes the importance of information in regards to hormonal imbalances.

A Women's Health Study on Hormonal Imbalance
Women have very delicate structures, even if they usually look so tough, and mostly will hardly complain about what they go through unless, it is one of those times of the month when the hormones are yet again all over the place. A women’s health study shows that women will experience hormonal imbalance as early as in the 20s. Usually the hormone imbalance will increase with age therefore, you will be able to notice more symptoms until the 50s or so.

A Women's Health Study Reveals How Hormones
Any women’s health study on hormones will show you that the women’s body has a very delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone. In a normal monthly cycle only estrogen is produced during the first 10 days approximately, if and when ovulation occurs, the ovaries will naturally produce progesterone. On the 28th day levels of both hormones should go down, which causes the menstrual cycle.

In the case that the menstrual cycle occurs without the ovulation taking place will lead to imbalance between estrogen and progesterone as a women’s health study proves. It is easy to recognize the symptoms of hormonal imbalances; they are any or all of the following: headaches, dizziness, low or no sex drive, uterine fibroids, weigh gain, water retention and premature aging of the skin.

Treating a Hormonal Imbalance in Accordance to a Women's Health Study
According to a recent women’s health study there are many ways to treat and control hormonal imbalances both through natural remedies as well as traditional drugs and medications prescribed by your doctor. As the women’s health study suggests, it is important you consult your doctor first in order to determine what are the causes of your hormonal imbalance.

Once you determine the cause you can treat and control any further hormonal related imbalances. However, you need to be aware of the symptoms in the first place in order to recognize and treat them accordingly.

A women’s health study shows that even today many women are simply not aware of their own health problems and body functions. Therefore, it is very hard to treat what you don’t ever recognize exists.

Information is all around you waiting to be absorbed and utilized. The only way you can have a health body and life is by keeping yourself informed about your own health but also about the possible diseases and natural occurrences that will take place with time and age. Knowledge is the key to leading the happy and healthy life you always wanted. Today more than ever, information is available at your fingertips.

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