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As a woman grows into puberty and develops she may develop a women’s health symptom. Menstruation is a regular occurrence for most women and can involve cramps and bloating, strong headaches, and PMS; each of these can be a women’s health symptom. Here are ways to lessen the occurrence, or at least the pain, of a women’s health symptom during her menstrual cycle. This can involve simply using a hot water bottle, or taking medicine. To obtain one of these methods it is best to visit with your women’s health specialist and together come to an agreement on what is best for you.

Menstruation is a Common Women's Health Symptom
When one thinks of all of the women’s health symptoms in existence, a few often come to mind in regards to hormone difficulties and migraines. However, the most prevalent women’s health symptom that women have to endure on a monthly basis is of course menstruation. Although menstruation is a natural phase of a woman’s life, it is not always overly bearable. Luckily, there are ways to make the menstruation process more comfortable.

Cramps and Bloating as a Part of this Common Women's Health Symptom
Menstruation is almost synonymous with cramps and bloating, which are women’s health symptoms that manifest themselves usually a week or two before and during the monthly cycle. A tried and true method is the implementation of a heating pad for cramps in the lower abdomen and back, as heat serves to soothe the muscle spasms that are causing the cramps in the first place.

When it comes to bloating as a women’s health symptom of menstruation, it is important to avoid salty food during the menstruation period, since salt only serves to retain water weight. Thus, a good way to reduce bloating is by drinking a lot of water.

Many women think that by drinking tea cramps will subside, which is generally true. However, it is a good idea to drink decaffeinated tea during menstruation, as caffeine can sometimes cause muscle spasms to quicken, which in turn makes menstrual cramps worse.

Irregular Periods can be an Important Women's Health Symptom
The women’s health symptom of irregular periods is something that can indeed by unnerving. After all, irregular periods leave a woman with no natural certainty as to whether she is pregnant or not. While irregular periods might signify a more serious medical condition that should be investigated by a doctor, it is also a side effect for those women who experience extreme stress.

Stress and tension can put a female’s endocrine system, which controls the hormones, completely awry. As such, the main hormone involved in menstruation, which is estrogen, can reach such levels that the body skips menstruation altogether, even if the woman experiences cramps of bloating. For this reason, many women choose to start taking birth control pills in order to regulate their hormones thus regulating their menstruation cycle.

PMS May Have an Impact on a Women's Health Symptom
PMS is a women’s health symptom that many women experience, complete with cramps and bloating, one to two weeks before menstruation is to begin. The most unsettling parts of PMS are the mood swings, which can include periods of aggression and depression. These mood swings can be alleviated through the implementation of healthy eating habits and of exercise, because exercise can naturally regulate the endocrine system and promote a good mood.

With the right diet and exercise, a woman is sure to be able to find ways to make that necessary time of the month a more comfortable process. Indeed, menstruation is a difficult few days every month for many women, but it is, after all, a natural bodily process.

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